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Dr. Wang Cultivate Life (Yang Sheng 养生) Seminar
Six Words (Liu Zi Jue 六字诀) is a thousand years history of Chinese meditation
combined the breath skill and activity.
There are six steps in total. Each step uses a unique and helpful method to help each organ, like Liver, Heart, Spleen, Lung, Kidney, and San Jiao (Yang Qi passage).

Seminar serial: There are three parts of this seminar serial which one part lasts 30 minutes; we will discuss and practice two steps each time.
Times:  Tuesday   

Location: 20542 N Lake Pleasant Road 103 Peoria AZ 85382
Charges:   $30

How to make an appointment for seminar:
1. Text by 623-666-3827
2. Email by liwang688@gmail.com 

The space of the seminar will be limited to 6 people at one time; so please make an appointment as soon as possible.

Sun Bird Acupuncture and Traditional Herbs Clinic  is a professional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture clinic in the Phoenix area. Combining acupuncture and Chinese herbal  medicine, Sun Bird Acupuncture and Traditional Herbs Clinic  practitioner Dr. Peng Sun has achieved remarkable results for the past 29 years.  Trained both in Chinese Traditional Medicine and Western Medicine (Ph.D. from Shanghai University of TCM), Dr. Sun  has  29 years of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)  practice in China and U.S.A.  His rich experience and great skills in TCM have made him a highly sought-after doctor in the Phoenix.