Sun Bird Acupuncture & Herbs

Insurance & Price

​Most insurance plan may be accepted upon approval.
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Acupuncture Treatment:

The Initial time (about one hour): Completed Traditional Chinese Medical Diagnoses and Traditional Chinese Medical Acupuncture Treatment $120-$150
​From the second time (about 40 minutes):Limited Traditional Chinese Medical Diagnoses and Traditional Chinese Medical Acupuncture Treatment $90

Acupuncture with electric machine: $100

Package price (for infertility condition and other chronic conditions):Prepay Discount: 3 treatments $255 | 10 treatments $80 x 10 = $800

Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture
​One Session: $120 

Chinese Herbs consultation 
The Initial time (about one hour): $90
From the second time (about 15 minutes): $75
The price of tea pills, powder, raw herbs, wine herbs pay separately.

Cupping $50 one time

Gua Sha $50 one time