Sun Bird Acupuncture & Herbs

Dr. Peng Sun, Thanks for your acupuncture expertise...It worked! Meet our little girl thanks to your fertility work. Regard, Hannah


I am happy to recommend the services of  Dr. Peng Sun  .  I visited Dr. Sun in the fall of 2014 for treatment of severe pain due to chronic sciatica.   Dr.. Sun has helped  me tremendously since then- not only with acupuncture treatments, but also by teaching me some very useful breathing  exercises.

My condition  has improved dramatically over the past two years, and I am sure that Dr. Sun  deserves much of the credit.  I am very optimistic about the future now.

I will add that I enjoy our sessions - he is attentive, kind,  and  has an excellent sense of humor.  

John  Ph.D.

Glendale Community College ( Ret.)